About CPS

Comprehensive Professional Systems Inc. (CPS) was founded in 1980; it has built its core business working with union welfare funds. The CPS network adheres to fee schedules that they can accept as payment in full as well as contained surcharges.

CPS provides locations across a wide geographic area, including: the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Upstate New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

Comprehensive Professional Systems Inc. panel of participating audiologists are private practitioners who service a complete cross section of the population in their service area.

Additional services offered to clients include HIPAA compliant administration of audiological and optical programs, running the gamut of ASO (administrative service only) to specifying and implementing a total administrative program, covering the CPS panel, non-participating doctors and members who request direct reimbursement.

CPS Hearing
11 Hanover Square
8th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Tel: 212-675-5745
Fax: 212-675-1147